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How Are You Managing Settlement Recoveries?

MCAG's Settlement Recovery Service (SRS) manages your recovery process from start to finish. Our teams of advisers, researchers, and IT professionals provide ongoing expertise, analysis, and technology to ensure you capture every recoverable dollar.  

​Our clients depend on us to:

  • Monitor and research the legal scene to find settlement opportunities applicable to their organization.

  • Provide guidance and assistance in retrieving the applicable documentation and information.

  • Prepare any required forms and ensure an accurate and timely claim submission.

  • Work with settlement administrators to reconcile and allocate the appropriate settlement distribution.

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Focus on Your Business

No hidden fees. MCAG doesn't get paid unless you get paid.

MCAG will work hard on
your behalf so you can do what you do best.

We'll pay you what you're owed once the court approves the distribution of settlement funds.

We understand it can be frustrating trying to
manage settlements on your own.

We know getting everything you deserve from class action settlements is hard work. At MCAG, we take revenue recovery seriously. Making sure you never miss an opportunity is our business! 

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75,000+ clients

All types and sizes of organizations trust MCAG to help them navigate their class action settlement journey.

100+ partners

MCAG's strategic partnerships help you get the most for your claim with the least amount of effort.

$260+ Million

MCAG has helped our clients recover more than $260 million in revenue.

SRS Reg Form

SRS Registration Form

Complete our SRS Registration Form using information corresponding to your headquarters/primary location. If you own more than one business and the businesses operate as separate entities, we suggest you complete a primary enrollment form for each business.

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