Imagine announcing newfound revenue at your next quarterly earnings meeting.

Are you aware of all the revenue recovery opportunities waiting for you?  Stop losing out on class action settlements—let MCAG keep track of and recover your settlement funds so you can focus on your core business.


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Managing settlements on your own is hard work.

Settlement opportunities account for billions of dollars in available funds annually. Regrettably, businesses, large and small, miss out on the money they are entitled to because they don't have experience working with submitting claims, preparing the required documents, data sets, or forms to submit and support valid claims. 

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Notable Past Settlements

Here's a list of some notable settlements that MCAG has pursued on behalf of clients:

  • $9 billion - Deepwater Horizon Settlement

  • $2 billion - Foreign Exchange Benchmark Rates Antitrust Litigation

  • $590 million - LIBOR OTC

  • $576 million - Cathode Ray Tube (CRT) Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $504 million - ISDAfix Settlement

  • $350 million - United Health Care Ingenix Settlement

  • $310 million - DRAM Settlement

  • $297 million - US Foodservice Pricing Litigation Settlement

  • $225 million - Cipro (California) Cases I & II (Barr)

  • $205 million - Optical Disc Drive Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $151 million - Polyurethane Foam Antitrust Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $143 million - BlueCross/Highmark/Cap Settlement

  • $135 million - Anthem/Wellpoint Settlement

  • $128 million - Plasma Protein Derivative Therapy Settlement

  • $113 million - Lithium Ion Batteries Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $104 million - Lidoderm Antitrust Settlement

  • $104 million - Illinois State LCD Antitrust Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $80 million - Dental Supplies Antitrust Litigation

  • $63 million - Washington State LCD Antitrust Indirect Purchaser Settlement

  • $61 million - Menactra Antitrust Litigation Settlement

  • $54 million - Aggrenox Antitrust Litigation

  • $43 million - Solodyn Antitrust Litigation

  • $40 million - Healthnet Settlement

  • $23 million - Oxford NY and NJ Class Action Settlements

We know it can be frustrating trying to
manage your own settlements.

We know it's hard work to get everything you deserve from class action settlements. At MCAG, we take revenue recovery seriously. FINDING MONEY IS OUR BUSINESS! Higher revenues & less work are possible—sleep better tonight knowing MCAG is working hard for you.


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All types and sizes of organizations trust MCAG to manage their revenue recovery.

MCAG's partnerships help get the most for your claim with the least amount of effort from you.

MCAG has helped our clients recover over $260 million in revenue.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why MCAG?

A: MCAG is an expert in recovering money for businesses through our class action Settlement Recovery Service. We provide Settlement Recovery Services to thousands of businesses of all sizes and levels of sophistication. Clients range from sole proprietors to complex global organizations and Fortune 500 companies.


MCAG specializes in settlement recovery in the following areas:

  • Product (e.g. manufacturers engaged in antitrust, price-fixing, etc.)

  • Healthcare (e.g. insurance claims were not paid correctly.)

  • Pharmaceutical / Benefit Plan (e.g. an organization overpaid for drugs purchased on behalf of its employees.)

  • Financial (e.g. merchants overpaid interchange fees, financial markets were manipulated by large banks.)

Q: What do we get from MCAG?

A: If you choose to engage MCAG for our Settlement Recovery Service, we will...

  • Provide guidance and assistance in retrieving the applicable documentation and information required for filing a settlement claim.

  • Prepare any required forms and ensure an accurate and timely claim submission.

  • Work with the settlement administrators to reconcile and distribute the appropriate recovery under the terms of the settlements.

  • Find future class action settlement opportunities applicable to your organization.

  • Provide online access to hour 24/7/365 Client Hub so you'll have complete control.

Each settlement that MCAG pursues on behalf of its clients is unique in complexity, submission requirements, and timing from claim filing to payout. The number of opportunities in a given year will vary. Fortunately, MCAG clients rest assured that MCAG continually searches for class action settlement opportunities so they are free to concentrate on their business.


Q: How much does your service cost?

A: MCAG only works on a contingent fee basis when providing recovery services for its clients. You avoid upfront fees and enjoy the confidence of knowing that our motivation is in harmony with your needs and expectations.

Q: Do you provide legal advice?

A: No. We do not practice law so we don't provide legal counsel. We are not an attorney, class counsel or claims administrator. MCAG is a class action settlement expert, we handle all of the settlement administration details including preparing and submitting any required documentation and claim forms. We also work with settlement administrators to reconcile and distribute appropriate recoveries under the terms of the settlements. If you want legal advice or legal services, you should contact class counsel or an attorney of your choosing.

Q: What makes you different from other settlement recovery consultants?

A: Since 2003, MCAG has provided services for dozens of class action settlements. We are extremely familiar with the process of preparing, submitting, tracking and reconciling claims for our clients. In addition, we work effectively and successfully with the nation’s preeminent class action litigators and settlement administrators.


Our approach to settlements recovery is both strategic and data driven. Whenever possible, MCAG uses data, often provided by our partners and trusted vendors of our clients, to increase client recoveries.


MCAG has partnered with many of the nation’s largest healthcare IT companies, payment card processors and acquirers, as well as select law firms and consultants. Through these relationships, we have unrivaled expertise as well as access to relevant data for more than 6 million businesses.


We provide dedicated account management for all recovery services. Our “turn-key” operation for businesses helps them to recover the maximum available to them under settlements, and other programs. MCAG does all the data analysis, forms preparation and filing, and the reconciliation and distribution of recoveries.

We have distributed hundreds of millions in cash to clients through our recovery services. In most cases, MCAG has greatly improved client recoveries under settlements, exceeding what a client would have received using their own efforts.

MCAG is committed to continuously identifying and implementing innovative approaches and tools to help deliver and enhance the settlement recovery process for our clients.

We are making a significant investment in innovations that enhance our research quality and ultimately enrich the client experience.

Q: Can we file for recovery from a class action settlement on our own?

A: Absolutely. You do not have to engage our services or any other third-party claim filing firm to obtain a recovery. You can prepare and file your own settlement claim. However, thousands of companies have engaged MCAG so they can focus on their core business while our team of class action settlement experts monitor and manage the process on their behalf.

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